Trey Watford won the HARDSCAPE HERO award in February of 2017. He’s been busy creating awesome new projects, and we checked in with him recently to find out how things have been going since joining the HARDSCAPE HERO family.

“It was great being able to tell the clients that their yard was going to be featured,” Watford says.

He’s also been following up with the clients about phase two of their project. “I’ve been checking in to see how everything has been holding up. It takes a little while for the plants to mature into the vision that you have for the space, so I like to keep tabs on how things are looking.”

The homeowners plan to install a pergola and a few more natural elements, like river rocks, this fall. “They’re being smart and working the project in stages,” Watford says. “We’ll put in the pergola and then start talking about some more drainage and other natural elements we can add.”

Every HARDSCAPE HERO wins a professional photo shoot of their job, along with other prizes like $250 in gas cards and Eagle Bay T-shirts. “Winning has definitely boosted morale around the office and with the crew. It’s cool to be able to share the feeling of accomplishment,” Watford says.

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View a gallery of Trey Watford’s winning job below.