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- July 8, 2021
Belgard contractors are used to creating show-stopping focal points for projects, but Nick Molter’s client had an unusual request for a truly one-of-a-kind hardscape element. The homeowners had been moving an antique garden fountain from house to house for more than a decade, and although it hadn’t worked in years, they wanted the ornate concrete... View Article


HARDSCAPE HERO | Land Tech Group of VA | February 2021

Word-of-mouth marketing has long been one of the most powerful channels for developing new business. In fact, 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising, according to a recent Neilsen report. That doesn’t mean that advertising doesn’t work. It just means that as humans, we trust those closest to us when... View Article

HARDSCAPE HERO | Andy Welch | Oriole Landscaping | January 2021

In the hardscape industry, small spaces can offer big opportunities for creative design. When Andy Welch from Oriole Landscaping first walked the property of this Hardscape Hero-winning project, he knew something special was about to take shape. “Especially for smaller installations, the right design choices, both aesthetically and functionally, can have a bigger impact than... View Article

HARDSCAPE HERO | Justin Flagg | Greenfield | December 2020

When Justin Flagg started Greenfield Landscaping over 15 years ago in his college dorm, he never imagined that he would have to steer his company of twenty employees through a worldwide pandemic. With relentless dedication to his crews and clients, Flagg not only survived, he thrived.  “This job started right around the time the pandemic... View Article