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- February 12, 2024
When we create the HARDSCAPE HERO Hall of Fame, Donald Sherbeyn will certainly be a first-ballot selection. After winning six monthly HARDSCAPE HERO awards and HARDSCAPE HERO of the Year twice, Sherbeyn hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. With this seventh win, Donald and Sherbeyn’s Landscape give us the feeling they’re just getting started. ... View Article


HARDSCAPE HERO | Micah Miller | Easton Outdoors | October 2023

Anyone who follows our HARDSCAPE HERO program will be familiar with Micah Miller and Easton Outdoors’ success story: Micah started mowing lawns in high school, which led to a full-blown landscaping business. His business grew quickly, so he had to diversify, leading him to specialize in water features and eventually hardscapes. For his second HARDSCAPE... View Article

HARDSCAPE HERO | Jeff Crandell | Scapes Inc. | July 2023

Sometimes the most impressive projects aren’t those that start from scratch, but rather transformations of existing installations. For Jeff Crandell and the team at Scapes Inc., updating their client’s backyard pool proved to be an exhibition in craftsmanship and secured this month’s Hardscape Hero win. “I think we were able to take a nice backyard... View Article

HARDSCAPE HERO | Allen Abisia | Creative Outdoors | May 2023

Sometimes, getting back to basics is the key to success. Allen Abisia and the team at Creative Outdoors Inc. take pride in their classic approach to the hardscaping business: just good old-fashioned hard work and word-of-mouth marketing. And no wonder people recommend them, just take a look at the incredible job that won Creative Outdoors... View Article