Congratulations to our April Hardscape Hero, Cory Busic, owner of Trademark Landscapes. Cory’s company is known for crafting an array of unique solutions for their clients, from hardscaping a creek, to building patios with ramps and crafting narrow walkways. His company also offers landscape maintenance, landscape design and plant installations.

Cory’s winning project began when his client decided to get rid of their stamped concrete pool and replace it with a patio. The homeowners live in a rural area and love being outdoors. They just wanted a place to sit back, relax by the fire pit and enjoy the romance of the “quiet country evenings.” As the project progressed, Cory’s team installed a Highland Stone Fire Pit and a long, beautiful Kingsland Traditional walkway.

But this picture-perfect scenario didn’t come without adversity. The team had to remove an old walkway made out of stamped concrete that was thick enough to give a jackhammer difficulty. In addition to the stubborn concrete, the homeowners were skeptical about the patio being too big. But when the project ended, the homeowners were ecstatic. “They said it was everything they wanted and then some,” Cory says. “That’s why I love what I do.”


Cory’s favorite part of the hardscaping process is in the preparation phase. He compares it to baking a cake; “The real work of baking a cake is in mixing the proper ingredients, using the right pan, setting the oven to the right temperature and cooking it for the right amount of time. With hardscaping, the planning, excavation, grading and installation of base material are where the real work and skill is required. Laying the pavers is just the icing.”

In all of Cory’s experience, he advises homeowners to choose a contractor that communicates well and makes them feel comfortable – even if the contractor’s prices are higher. “It doesn’t do you much good to save some money if you aren’t going to get what you want.”

We’re excited to have Cory join the ranks as our newest Hardscape Hero. We can’t wait to see what Trademark comes up with this season! Check out Trademark Landscape’s website for more beautiful projects.

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