Meet this month’s Hardscape Hero, Christian Basnight, of Basnight Land & Lawn, in Chesapeake, VA.

Christian and his team have built patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, and fireplaces making them a truly full service hardscape contractor. In fact, Basnight Land & Lawn specializes in all areas of outdoor entertainment and living spaces as well as landscape design and planting.

Their most recent project centered around creating a unique pool deck and outdoor living space. For this job, Basnight was hired by a client they had worked with before who had loved the results of their first project.

Christian’s Hardscape Planning Advice
Planning a party or other outdoor event that would utilize your hardscape? Christian recommends making sure you leave plenty of time – several months – for the construction to allow for any weather and/or material delays. This will also allow for the surrounding vegetation to take root so your hardscape looks its best when it makes its debut.

Christian reminds homeowners, “It’s best if you do your ‘homework’ and have a plan on how you want the area to be used, how many people you plan to accommodate, and what seasons the hardscape will be used most often.” With that information, your contractor will be able to work with you to fill in the other details.

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