If you want to continue being a leader in any industry, you should never rest on your laurels. Past success isn’t always a guarantee of a bright future, which is why we always try to live up to our motto and constantly pave the way forward for hardscaping. 2024 is gearing up to be an exciting year for new products at Belgard as we continue to innovate, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are about the future of outdoor living.


Papyrus 18

First up on our list of new products to keep an eye on is the Papyrus Paver, a modular line that combines clean modern edges with a hand-carved look on the face. This innovative design matches a natural textured look with clean lines to create a beautiful product where the sleek and the organic intersect. Don’t be fooled by this paver’s good looks, it brings just as much function to the table as it does fashion. Papyrus comes in three unit sizes, all measurements cut in 3-inch increments for modularity. These standardized sizes reduce time on the jobsite cutting pieces to fit, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste. It also integrates into other modular systems like Origins and Dimensions. We think Papyrus is making a run for our most versatile product yet.

Origins 18

While Papyrus combines modern and classic aesthetics, Origins leans heavily toward the natural side of the spectrum. Drawing on the look and feel of real stone, Origins Pavers are even more versatile now with the addition of Origins 18. This classic just got even more flexible with larger pavers to fit any patio, further expanding the possibilities for patterns to unfold beneath your feet. New sizing includes 9x18x2⅜, 18x18x2⅜ and 27x18x2⅜ options.

Dimensions 18 and Slabs

If your taste skews modern, Dimensions Pavers are the choice for you. This sleek line of pavers takes all the modularity of Origins and delivers a smooth surface for those who prefer minimal, contemporary aesthetics. Just like Origins, we are now offering Dimensions 18 sizes including 9x18x2⅜, 18x18x2⅜ and 27x18x2⅜ options, whose modularity makes it compatible with Origins and Papyrus. Additionally, we now offer 24x36x2⅜ Dimensions Slabs to integrate into your patio, pool deck and pathway patterns. This large slab can make a statement in any patio and is proportional to all Dimensions sizes for maximum creative potential when laying out your project.


Hardscaping isn’t all about horizontal design. Adding verticality to a project will elevate the patio (literally), and create a multifaceted outdoor living space. Artforms is an innovative solution with a clean, modern aesthetic for walls and siding in upright elements such as planters, outdoor kitchens and fire features. This system is easy to install in any size project and cuts down on time and material waste with its modular design. Because of simple mounting hardware, Artforms can effortlessly integrate into a previously existing project. 

Belgian Cobble

If classic aesthetics are what you desire for your outdoor space, the new Belgian Cobble is a perfect choice for your patio, pool deck, driveway or walkway. With seven unique shapes, Belgian Cobble pavers can easily create random patterns for a natural look that will turn any walkway into a time machine, carrying you into a picturesque countryside space of old. The gaps between pavers allow for permeable options for sustainable outdoor spaces and those who want to reduce runoff. Despite its unique appearance, Belgian Cobble can easily fit into any project and offers yet another versatile paver for all of your hardscape needs.

Cast Stone Wall

The Cast Stone Wall is a new addition to our wall systems that offers a natural chiseled look with a simple installation. This segmental retaining wall can work in both straight and curved settings and does not require setback. The 70 unique face patterns give the face a random organic feel that seamlessly blends any space into the surrounding natural environment. Whether you’re building a retaining wall, seating wall, tiered garden bed or elevated patio, Cast Stone Wall can reach an unreinforced height of 5 courses, making the possibilities endless. 

We are always pushing the envelope to bring you new design possibilities for your outdoor spaces, so keep your ear to the ground for more new products and colorways in the coming year. If you keep living outdoors, we’ll keep helping you create your dream spaces.