Play with shape, texture, pattern and more for ultimate form and function

The air is warming up and spring is rapidly approaching. There’s no better time to renew your outdoor living spaces so you can stroll through the year in style. Whether you’re planning for the summertime oasis of your dreams or creating a cozy cold-weather gathering spot with a fire feature, Belgard has products and ideas to help you achieve the perfect outdoor vibe.

See how you can create a unique space that matches your needs and the look of your home – we make it easy with a wide variety of pavers, curated collections, modular systems, build-it-yourself kits, and more.

Get Textured
From rough-hewn stone to sleek porcelain, woodgrain looks to textile finishes, there’s a texture to suit every taste. Declare your style with the look and finish that matches your space, or one that brings subtle contrast for an element of drama.

Noon provides a one-of-a-kind wood-grain look on a porcelain paver. Combining wood texture surfaces with the high breakage loads and easy cleaning of our Porcelain line is an excellent option for patios, walkways and pool decks.


Our new Papyrus Paver offers a singular natural texture with elements of sleek modern elegance. The straight clean lines of the edges balance out the hand-carved look of the face to bring you one of our most diverse pavers that is compatible with other modular pavers like Origins or Dimensions. 


Play With Shape
Modern and sleek, rustic and rugged, classic and tailored – whatever your preference, you can find a paver shape to complement your style. 

For a clean modern look, consider Dimensions pavers for their straight lines and smooth surfaces. 


If you prefer a more rugged shape in your pavers, our new Belgian Cobble system is the perfect match for you. This line includes seven unique shapes to create a natural stone look for walkways, driveways, patios and pool decks.  


Define With Scale
Pavers come in a wide variety of sizes to suit the size and configuration of your space. Match the scale of your paver to the space (small pavers for a small area) for a traditional look, or play with scale for an unexpected twist.

We now offer larger sizes in both Origins and Dimensions, adding an 18 inch version of the two pavers, as well as a slab size for Dimensions which comes out to 24×36. 



Pattern Mixing
Modular pavers make it effortless to create unique patterns – get creative with geometrics, stripes, and borders to define your space and make it your own.

Brooklyn Pavers are a diverse and timeless block that offers modular sizing to match with Dimensions and Origins.


Charlestone Pavers made an excellent stand-alone for any patio or walkway, while also offering compatible sizing with Origins and Dimensions to integrate a hand-cobbled accent into any outdoor space. 


Finishing Touches
Functional additions like lighting, water features, fireplaces and fire pits, and outdoor kitchens can elevate your space to the next level. But plan ahead: it’s always easier to incorporate extra features than to add them later. 

Fire features can range from rugged and traditional, to polished and modern. If your tastes lean toward the modern, the Artforms Modular Panel System makes perfect siding for a rectangular fire pit. The wall system is easy to install and elevates any outdoor space.


There’s no better time to elevate your outdoor space with everything Belgard has to offer! Here’s to a 2024 filled with fun times with family and friends in your own backyard paradise.