A properly designed outdoor living space can completely change the personality and atmosphere of a home. First time HARDSCAPE HERO winner, Eric Beaune of Beaune Brothers Landscaping, recently helped his client transform the backyard of an Airbnb property into a beautiful and functional space. Thanks to Beaune’s design expertise, the new outdoor living space not only adds curb appeal and value to his client’s home, but it also creates a unique and memorable experience for the home’s guests.

“The homeowners wanted to maximize the use of the backyard. It was a fairly empty, downward sloping space that needed to be tied into the house to make it more useful,” says Beaune.

After meeting the homeowners and listening to their goals for the space, Beaune created a design that he hoped would match their expectations.

“We first had to defeat the grading issues, so we used a combination of retaining and freestanding walls to create a terraced area. We knew we wanted people to be able to ‘walk down’ from the house and have the patio meet the yard. So, we designed the patio to create a haven of relaxation,” he explains.

Since the home is primarily used as an Airbnb, the homeowners had specific concerns about adding a fire feature, having a grilling area, and the overall safety of their guests.

“The biggest concern was open fire. The homeowners didn’t want their guests to create raging bonfires in a fire pit. So, we decided to use a fireplace. It allows the fire to be more contained and pulled smoke and embers up and away from the house, thanks to the chimney,” explains Beaune.

The team at Beaune Brothers Landscaping also added integrated lighting throughout the patio to create a beautiful ambiance and ensure guests could see everything on the patio, making it a safer area to relax.

Beaune credits the stunning results of the finished project to his brother and partner, Anthony, and to the homeowner’s faith in their ability to execute.

“The homeowners gave us a blank canvas and trusted us 100% during the project. Of course we asked for their input and guided them through the decisions that needed to be made, but they really let us run with the design. I think that faith has a lot to do with the end result working so well in the space,” says Beaune.

Now that the patio is complete, the homeowners alternate between using the space as a vacation home for themselves and offering it on Airbnb.

“It feels great to know the patio is going to get so much use. I love seeing our projects come to life, and I hope both the homeowners and their guests are able to get a lot of use out of the space for years to come,” says Beaune.

The winning project was completed using Dublin Traditional Fireplace Kit, Woodbox, Highland Stone Freestanding Wall, Grand Cay Textured Pavers, and Dublin Freestanding Wall.

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