Meet this month’s Hardscape Hero, David Durning of Landscape Solutions of Virginia in Chesterfield.

In addition to his 15+ years of experience, David is the first Hardscape Hero to have won our monthly contest twice – congratulations to David and his team!

We caught up with David to ask him where he gets his inspiration. When creating outdoor spaces – whether it’s a patio with a seating wall and fireplace/firepit or a retaining wall, David and his team strive to create spaces their clients can enjoy throughout the year. “Some of my inspiration comes from growing up in Europe, experiencing different cultures and moving every few years being an army brat,” says David. The experience required him to be open minded and adaptive to his surroundings. He adds, “I relate that to hardscaping/landscaping because I never have a single project that is just like another. Everything is always different, and that’s one reason I love my job.”

David’s latest project “went smoothly from beginning to end.” David credits the skill of his team and the productive relationship with his clients. The project centered around an existing brick patio and grilling station that was “far from professional.” The previous homeowners gave it a good shot but it just wasn’t what the new homeowner was looking for. It was small and configured differently than what they wanted.

During construction David and his team had neighbors coming by, checking progress, and complementing the new patio and grilling station. The homeowners were ecstatic.

Reflecting on the job, David says, “I enjoyed being able to tailor the project specifically to the customer’s wants and needs.” He loves the “fine tuning” it takes to get a hardscape just how his clients envision it.

David’s Hardscape Advice
“If there was one thing I would recommend, it’s don’t cut corners,” says David. A hardscape is a long term investment, so avoid sacrificing elements to keep it within your budget. Instead, David recommends waiting until you have a bit more to spend to make sure you get the hardscape you want.

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