Many people assume that after the leaves fall, we’re stuck with a bland, gray yard until the following spring. However, these luscious fall plants keep their color long into the cold season, helping to brighten up and fill out your outdoor living space.


Mums are a traditional fall flower, and their wide range of colors gives you plenty of options for your patio. These hearty plants can survive colder temperatures and grow from two-inch potted versions to plants that are several feet wide.


Durable and low-maintenance is the perfect way to sum up these flowers. They work great as a border liner for your patio or as decorative centerpieces. Their vertical, flame-like plume also adds vertical coloration to your garden.


A hearty shrub that’s perfect for autumn, this comes in bright orange, yellow and red hues and can be transferred into the house around the time of the first frost.

Flowering Kale

Photo: Google Open

Flowering kale offers year-round pops of color for your patio. This is an extremely hardy plant that does well even during frosty conditions. Use it to line walkways and beautify accent areas. Note: Flowering kale is bred for its ornamental appearance, not for taste. We don’t advise consuming flowering kale varieties.

Your outdoor living space should be a cozy and comfortable spot year-round. Adding a few fall flourishes is the perfect way to keep your patio inviting, attract wildlife and add some pops of color to your yard.