No two backyards are alike. Nature presents such a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes, which coalesce into any number of unique tapestries, even within the same neighborhood. With the endless potential of any outdoor space, we want to make sure you have as many options as possible to assemble the perfect hardscape for your backyard oasis. We are offering a whole new swath of colorways for pavers in our Richmond and Crofton markets that will open up new realms of possibility for your next project. In addition to new colors, we are integrating new technologies into our paver lines to make our amazing pavers even better. DuraFusion and Colortech are two new technologies that we are integrating into our products to increase durability and preserve color for years to come. 


Moonlight and Midnight

Imagine taking a stroll on a cool summer night, the heat of the day blowing away in the evening breeze. The clouds part revealing a full moon that illuminates the cobbled path stretching beneath your feet, beckoning you to delve further into your outdoor sanctuary. Moonlight is one of two color options for our new Belgian Cobble pavers. It creates a light natural stone look for walkways, patios or accent pieces to transport you back to the days of hand-carved cobbled streets and horse drawn carriages. If Moonlight seems too bright, we’ve taken our tried and true Midnight color and cobbled it together with Belgian Cobble for a darker natural look.

Belgian Cobble isn’t the only paver to get a Midnight makeover this year. Our Origins 6×9 accent pavers with DuraFusion are now available in Midnight for a deep contrast to the lighter options. Because our DuraFusion process blends fine aggregates with rich pigments, the tones you get are like nothing you’ve seen before, while offering incredible durability and longevity for your patio.

Sienna and Hickory

Named for the city-state of Siena who produced the pigment during the Italian Renaissance, Sienna is one of the oldest colors used in art by humans appearing as early as cave paintings. Our new Sienna colorway for Origins 12 inch pavers evokes the timelessness of this earthy hue. The DuraFusion enhanced tone creates a natural patina reminiscent of the iron rich clays of Tuscany to turn the canvas of your backyard into a work of art that da Vinci himself would envy.

For everything from baseball bats, to flooring and early airplane frames, hickory wood has been sought after for its density and strength. We wanted to evoke that same sense of durability with our new Hickory line of Dimensions pavers with DuraFusion. This warm light brown color evokes the sapwood of the sturdy hickory tree to represent the staying power of our Dimensions pavers. Also available in our ColorTech pavers, this technology combines the strength of DuraFusion with a built-in sealant to keep the beautiful tones locked in for years to come.

Sepia and Linen

Sepia is yet another new color available with Dimensions 12, 18 and 24×36 with both DuraFusion and ColorTech, as well as in our new Papyrus 18 pavers with DuraFusion. Just like the antique photographs where Sepia gets its name, these beautiful light-washed pavers will stand the test of time, giving you an outdoor oasis future generations can enjoy like a family portrait passed down from parent to child.

Have you ever found yourself tucking in a set of fine linen sheets and wishing you could take that same comfort and elegance into your outdoor space? We certainly have, and decided to do something about it. Named for the flax based textile associated with high-end fabrics, our new Linen colorway is classing up our pavers even more (I know, we didn’t think they could get any classier). Available for Origins 12 and Dimensions 12, Linen offers a creamy beige hue for a soft even look that will transform any patio into an outdoor retreat fit for royalty.

We always aim to inspire and elevate outdoor living for everyone. Make sure to browse our gallery and products for even more visions of hardscaping excellence. Check product details or speak to a Belgard representative to confirm which colors are available in your area.