It’s the most wonderful time of the year: grilling season! Give your skills a refresh with these helpful hacks, and bring a little extra fire to the table the next time you cook out.

Hot Water Test

Did you know that you can measure the propane level in your tank with hot water? No one wants to start cooking out, only to run out of fuel once the burgers hit the grill. To perform the test, fill a glass or bowl with hot water and pour the water down the side. It’ll cool drastically at the level of the propane, indicating how much you have left.

Onion Disinfectant

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Contrary to popular belief, the heat from your burners is not always enough to “burn off” any germs that may be lingering on the grates. To guarantee that your grill is sanitary and simultaneously clean the grates, cut an onion in half and rub it on the hot cooking surface, cut side down.

Ditch the Kabobs

Having your kabob sticks burn up and fall apart during a grill session is the worst. Rosemary is tasty as a seasoning, but rosemary sprigs are also durable enough to be used in place of wooden skewers. It’ll step up your food’s presentation and infuse it with delicious flavor.

Citrus Shield

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Grilling fish can be tricky—it’s prone to flaking and sticking to your grill, which can destroy even the best of cuts. To keep your fish from sticking and add even more citrusy flavor, use orange or lemon slices as a barrier between the fish and the grate.

Grill Cheese

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It may feel weird to put a wheel of cheese onto a hot grill, but it’s the perfect way to elevate your burgers, make a killer appetizer, and wow your guests. The cheese inside will turn into a smoky, gooey topping, perfect for baguettes and burgers.

Patio perfection starts at the grill. The next time you’re setting up for a big cookout, try these hacks to make your life even easier.