Spring is a time of rebirth, of blossoming life and new beginnings. As nature wakes up from its wintery slumber and the months warm up leading into summer, it’s time for homeowners to start imagining what kinds of potential lay dormant in their outdoor spaces. Analysis paralysis can be the first big hurdle to clear when starting a big project, which is why Belgard’s contractors are experts at designing outdoor living spaces that their clients will enjoy for years to come. Whether building a patio from scratch or adding amenities to an existing space, consider some of these perks to liven up the project for summers spent in the open air. 

Light Up the Night with Tru-Scapes

As the evenings get warmer and your gatherings stretch further into the night, consider upgrading the lights in your outdoor space. Lighting isn’t only about visibility, but also elevating the ambiance of your patio. How you light your outdoor space will depend on what kind of mood you want to create. If you’re looking to accentuate your beautiful patio, hardscape lights embedded amongst the pavers will highlight the curves and angles of the space without creating harsh shadows or drawing attention to the light fixtures themselves. Sometimes you want to draw attention to the lights, especially with elegant pillar lights that take retention and seating walls to the next level. Lighting pathways add ambiance to your outdoor space while providing practical safety measures for nighttime strolls. Pathway lights are a minimal, easy way to make a pathway stand out within your garden at night, guiding evening walks through your outdoor oasis. Whatever lights you choose, low voltage, soft lighting can elevate your space without overpowering it, and keep your summer evenings glowing into the late hours. 

Let’s Get Cooking with Belgard Elements

What better way to spend time outdoors with friends and loved ones than breaking bread together? There’s no need to stay inside preparing food for your guests when you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen. These can range anywhere from a grill and counter to a full-service kitchen, all depending on what your entertainment needs dictate. There’s a reason they say “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” You can’t cook your guests a delicious outdoor feast without firing up your ingredients. So, instead of getting out of the kitchen, get the kitchen out of the house with a grill, flattop, oven or smoker to start up some of that summer sizzling. There’s no need to run back and forth to the house for ingredients with outdoor kitchen storage, from cabinets and drawers to refrigerators. Sure you could fill pots and wash dishes with a hose, but why do that when you could have a beautiful stainless steel sink right there on the patio? Now that most kitchen appliances have their exterior counterparts, the possibilities are nearly endless for outdoor cooking.

Cool as a Cucumber

With every summer comes the summer sun. If you’re planning to maximize your outdoor enjoyment during the hot months, obviously sunscreen is your first step toward protecting yourself. If you want to take your UV protection to the next level, adding shade elements to your outdoor space can help you beat the heat while enhancing your patio’s overall appeal. One of the simplest ways to add shade is with a large umbrella or awning. These accessories are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. If you’re interested in something more permanent, pergolas and plant life are all excellent sources of shade. Pergolas and screens can come prefabricated or built custom and are beautiful sources of shade that help differentiate spaces or “rooms” on a patio. They also provide excellent foundations for ivies to climb, adding a natural feel while creating more shade. Plantlife can also provide coverage without manmade structures to support it. Fast-growing trees are an excellent choice for long-term improvements to your outdoor space, with species like tulip trees growing as fast as four feet a year. 

A Meeting of the Minds

It can be difficult to visualize major transformations to outdoor spaces before they start. Belgard Design Studio makes it easy for contractors to work with homeowners using 3D rendering and graphics to envision their dream backyard oasis. Homeowners can see what their summer accessories will add to the space while getting excited about the endless possibilities that a Belgard contractor can provide.