Outdoor living isn’t something that’s confined to a single season. No one should miss out on their backyard oasis simply because it’s cold outside, and Belgard has no shortage of solutions for keeping you toasty throughout the winter months. That being said, some seasons are rougher on your patio than others, from fluctuating temperatures to snow, ice and salt. As we move from winter into spring and summer, it’s important to check in with your outdoor space and do a bit of maintenance to keep your patio vibrant for years to come. 

When Spring Springs

Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your patio after a long winter. Taking a few simple steps can help your outdoor space bloom like the flowers surrounding your hardscape. Coming out of winter, it’s important to start fresh by removing any furniture that stayed out during the cold seasons as you prepare to clean. Once you have a clean slate, clear off any debris from your patio to prep it for washing. It’s important to wait until after the last frost to avoid having the water you use for cleaning freeze and potentially add wear to your pavers. Once your patio is clear of debris, some light pressure washing is an easy way to clean salt, dirt and dead leaves that have accumulated over the winter. Keep in mind however that you need to be careful not to damage the pavers, and that pressure washing can displace joint sand. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer or are worried about damaging pavers, there are gentler ways to clean your patio without expensive equipment. 

Some warm water and dish soap are all you need to revitalize your patio and breathe new life into it for spring. For tougher stains, white vinegar or specialty paver cleaners like those offered by Techniseal can add an extra boost to your routine maintenance. First, soak the pavers with water from your hose or a bucket. Once they are saturated, mix one tablespoon of dish soap per gallon of warm water, or equal parts white vinegar and water, and work the pavers with the solution using a brush or push broom. After thoroughly scrubbing your patio, let the solution sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with a hose or bucket. Make sure to completely remove the solution with water before letting it dry. Clearing out dirt from your patio’s pores and crevices will reduce wear and tear and help extend the life of your pavers.

Long Live the Patio

While routinely cleaning your patio will keep it vibrant for years to come, taking extra steps to protect the surface will pay dividends down the road. The longer stains and grime build up, the harder they are to get rid of and the faster pavers will degrade. Another way to prep your patio for the long run is to treat it with a quality sealer. Techniseal has a plethora of products for sealing and livening your pavers while promoting longevity for your patio. Sealing your pavers will help preserve the color and prevent erosion over time that occurs when dirt builds up. This can also make cleaning easier as it prevents detritus from penetrating the pavers and becoming embedded in the pores. Spring is an excellent time to seal or reseal your patio after you’ve cleaned it, setting up your space for success throughout the year. Keep in mind that the more you prepare your patio for winter before the cold comes, the easier it will be to clean it once the cold months are gone.

Leaning Into the Changes

There are many ways to revitalize your patio during a shift in seasons, from upgrading your outdoor furniture to adding light fixtures and new plants to the space. While the days are warm and the nights are cool, it’s the perfect time of year to light up your fire pit, spend some time around the glow with friends and family and enjoy the work you’ve put into making your patio look its best.

For more information on patio maintenance, reach out to a member of our amazing team.